The Sephora Sale: My Top Picks

The Picks

It’s the Sephora sale ladies. That’s right, 15% off everything. So, I’ve compiled all of my Sephora favorites for you so that you can shop them at 15% off. From skincare to makeup to haircare, I’ve got your back on what to buy! Hurry though, the sale ends tonight!

Hourglass Primer - The absolute best primer I’ve found that doesn’t make me break out, and keeps my face + eye makeup on ALL day.

Urban Decay Liner - My favorite liner for the waterline of my eye, stays on all day and really helps my liquid liner pop.

Silk Pillow Case - This pillow case is a game changer. It has helped the frizziness in my hair as I sleep at night and also the complexion of my skin. Do your research a silk pillowcase is something everyone needs!

Glam Glow Mask - My absolute favorite mask, gets rid of all the toxins on your skin and leaves you with a fresh, glowy feel.

Too Faced Mascara - This mascara is everything to put on before and after a good falsey. I feel like it makes your lashes blend so seamlessly together. And the volume it gives your lashes are an amazing boost so they can compete with that falsey you’re wearing.

Nars Orgasm Palette - My favorite blush now comes in a cute blush/bronzer/highlight trio that I’m honestly obsessed with. These colors will look good on any skin tone and with winter right around the corner here in SoCal, everyone needs a fresh pop of color!

La Mer Moisturizing Cream - God’s gift to moisturizing. It’s a little more on the pricey side, but so incredibly worth it. Especially with all this dry weather we’ve been having lately in Southern California, this has saved my skin. Your skin will thank me later.

Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade - The only thing I use on my brows. It is honestly the best. I have super light and sparse brows and this magic potion takes them to bold and full in a matter of 2 minutes. Buy the Anastasia brush that goes with it and your golden for golden brows.

Fenty Contour Stix Trio - My favorite set for contouring. I love a good creme contouring set because I feel like it gets the job done and stays on my face. Powder tends to wear off with all the running around I do everyday. Highly recommend this six trio for all your contouring needs.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick - The most epic lip cheat you’ll ever find. I feel like every girl overlies her lips at this point and this lip liner and lipstick duo will make it look so incredibly natural. Only get the pillow talk color, in my opinion, it’s much more epic than any of the others.

Anastasia Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette - The eyeshadow palette I use every single day. The colors are fantastic to take you from day to night. And these hues work so well to offset my blue eyes without looking like I’m trying to hard. Try it! You won’t be sorry.

St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse - If you know me, you know I love a good fake tan. St. Tropez is my go to at-home tanning solution when I can’t get to a tanning salon. (Only spray tans, don’t mistake me for a bed bunny, nobody wants those wrinkles) This bronzing mousse is so good and looks so natural, 99% of the time I’m wearing it nobody even knows. The formula makes the process streak free and gives you such natural looking color. I’m obsessed.


Estee Lauder Stay-In-Place Foundation - The only foundation that stays on my face all day. You guys know that I literally only sleep 6 hours a night during the week so for the rest of those 18 hours of the day, I need my face makeup to stay on. I have zero time to keep reapplying. This is your solution you busy babes, this foundation will do wonders for your makeup routine!

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask - Shoutout to one of my girls for introducing me to this amazing lip life-saver. Just like I’ve said above, I’ve been so frustrated with how dry the weather has been. It’s been making my skin and especially my lips so irritated. When one of my girls shared with me this product, such a game changer. It took my lips from cracked and gross to plump and moist in a day. Literally cake this stuff on and where it all day, your lips will be so happy.

Dry Bar Mair Tai Sea Salt Spray - The secret to pretty smelling hair when you’ve been using dry shampoo for the last week. This stuff gives you such a good boost if you’re in between washed. Spray it on just your roots (if you’re lazy like me and don’t want to wash your hair, like ever), quickly blow dry it, and then boom you have your roots back to being clean and your hair smelling like a delicious cocktail!

Ouai Soft Hair Spray - One of my favorite hair sprays, I feel like this one helps hold my curl without caking on my hair. Some hairsprays can really attach onto your hair and cut down your no-wash cycle, which honestly I can’t handle. The less I have to wash my hair the better.

Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Eye Patches - My absolute go-to product. These eye patches are AMAZING. They take away your dark circles so quickly and they are so refreshing. Stick them in the refrigerator and keep them there so you get an insanely awesome cooling sensation when you put them on. I love to use these with the GlamGlow mask above for a full me treatment.

Peace Out Acne Healing Dots - The secret to getting rid of blemishes overnight. I can’t tell you how many acne products I’ve tried and this is definitely my favorite to get rid of blemishes quickly. Just stick a dot on the affected area, leave it on overnight, and I swear the blemish will be gone the next morning! Life saver right?

So pick up these goodies and tell me which ones you liked and didn’t like below. This is the perfect time to try new products with this sale and definitely encourage you to head to your nearest Sephora, or shop directly below and grab your must-haves and some newbies! You know I’ve already stocked up on all of these above!

Cheers babes! Xx

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