Nikki x The Champagne Campaign


 Hi! I’m Nikki, I am the founder, creator and editor of The Champagne Campaign. I am a fashion stylist by day and wedding coordinator by night. I live and breathe fashion. I swear, to this day, I remember one of the first moments of my life was me having an extreme meltdown because my outfit didn’t coordinate. I still have those meltdowns to this day on the occasional rough morning before coffee. I’m an absolute perfectionist which is why fashion and weddings go hand in hand for me.

Both industries are all about details, and I can spot a good detail from a mile away. I’m also mildly obsessed with champagne, hence the name. Yup, I’m the girl who’s bar order is “a glass of champagne please”. I created The Champagne Campaign so I could spill all my tips and tricks about fashion and the wedding industry to you over a glass of rose’ champagne. So grab a glass and drink up with me!
Cheers! Xo