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So, I’ve been wanting to do a post for a while on boyfriend style. It can’t be all about my style all the time, I guess? Lol anyways, my boyfriend has pretty epic style about 90% of the time, I must say. He’s in law school and pretty much always has to be dressed to a T. Which is all good. I love a sharply dressed man. And babes, if you don’t, you’re lying. After getting a ton of response to my most recent shoot with him about where he gets his clothes, how everything fits him so well, etc. I figured I would do a boyfriend style guide and give you all the tips and tricks for your boyfriend.

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Style Guide : Step 1

First and foremost : our favorite place to shop. Zara. It’s literally the one stop shop for him where we can get him everything from dress shirts to ties to full suits and they all are on trend and well-fitting. Zara has literally been the place where we’ve gotten all of his nicer-dressier clothes and also some of his casual staple pieces as well.


Style Guide : Step 2

Second tip : Find a good tailor. Tailoring is literally your best friend. Because everything looks better when it’s well-fitting. All of my boyfriend’s suits and dress slacks have been custom tailored to fit him and let me tell you they make your man look 100x better. Invest in a good tailor and just send all his clothes off to a tailor before they even make it home with him. It’s so easy but it’s something that feel like so many people overlook.

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Style Guide : Step 3

Lastly : Let him have a say in his style. I know I can definitely be a little overbearing and bossy. Who knew right? But I definitely always like to hear his opinions on things when I’m helping him pick out pieces so that he feels the most comfortable in his clothes. Because let me tell you, when they feel comfortable, they give you pictures like the ones above. GQ model anyone? Like where did this come from?

Solo Dolo.jpg

So, tell me where you shop for your man. Give me all the good spots below because we’re always updating his closet, or at least, I am!

Cheers babes! xx

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