Champagne Night : How To Do It Right

Champagne Night

The Essentials

So, just in case you haven’t seen my insta stories or seen me in person gushing about it : I moved into my first apartment. Yes! I am so here for it and excited about it. I’m now OBSESSED with home decor. Catch me at Target and Home Goods, like, every other day. Naturally, my whole apartment is decked out with champagne and decor that fit the champagne vibe and aesthetic of my brand. Let me just picture you this, you walk into my apartment and a champagne flavored candle is burning you’e greeted by gold and grey decor and a cute typography piece that says “Save Water, Drink Champagne!” As you go into the dining and kitchen area you’ll see my favorite little corner of my space, the champs cart! But seriously, what apartment doesn’t need a champagne cart? It is honestly the cutest thing ever and so so essential for a girl’s get together.


How To Do It Right

The champagne cart was such a hit at champagne night and it’s such a cute decor piece in your house. It displays all your cute alcohol, glasses, and accessories to go with it and helps de-clutter the kitchen. It’s so great to go over there and mix a cocktail for your girlfriends while they’re lounging on the couch, instead of having to bang cupboards shut and search for all of the tools needed for a good champagne cocktail. But anyways, how to do it right!

Champagne night obviously is a must to have : Champagne! And I’m talking good champagne, nothing bleh. My favorite right now are these little Moet minis and I got the little toppers so you can sip straight out of the bottle which are genius! They were a huge hit with my girlfriends and each of them being able to pop their own mini bottle was so fun!

Another must have : Cute champagne glasses. I love different looking champagne glasses over the traditional. This is why I adore my glass champagne coupes! They’re so cute and definitely make me feel like I’m at a party drinking champagne in the roaring 20s.

Third must have : Snacks! I got cute little “bubbly bears” by Sugarfina for each of the girls attending so they could have a cute snack with their champs and it was such a cute detail that my girlfriends loved. Also, definitely cooked a huge pan of pasta for the girls to munch on as well, carbs help absorb all of the champs let me tell ya!

Fourth must have : Details, details, details! I’m obsessed with all the cute details on my bar cart like my lightbox that I can spell out whatever cocktail hour we’re doing that night. Or my “pop, fizz, clink” napkins and cute patterned straws to stick in the bottles. You have to be creative with your bar cart and make it your own! I love having fun with it and throwing in cute little touches!

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