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Menswear Is Here to Stay

Have you guys seen the menswear trend popping up more and more? I know I am and especially love the dad shoe trend if you didn’t notice. This is absolutely perfect for me because I’m literally always stealing pieces from my boyfriend’s closet. From an oversized tee to go with a pair of cute destroyed cut-offs or one of his flannels to pull together an outfit, he always has the best stuff. Granted, I do buy all of his clothes, so his impeccable style is thanks to me. But, that’s beside the point. The point is menswear is in and I’m LOVING it.

I love how throwing on a men’s inspired print (like the dress above) is so masculine and so feminine at the same time. It’s like throwing on your boyfriend’s work shirt with some bright red lipstick, works every time. Or it works if you’re like me, late everywhere, and just need something that is quick and you know looks good. Try it the next time you’re in a rush.

Dad Sneaks

It’s a thing. I’m obsessed. A good chunky sneaker goes with everything. And let’s face it, as much as I sound like a grandma, they’re comfortable. My average steps per day is right around 30,000 so dad shoes are perfect for, like, 99% of my outfits. These chunky sneakers paired with menswear inspired pinstripes and a layered baby tee makes me look straight out of the nineties and I’m so here for it. Speaking of the nineties, I love layering a cute tee shirt (or if you’re in a place that actually has seasons, turtleneck) under anything spaghetti strapped. It just adds a bit more pop to the outfit in my opinion. And a little more 90s flare.

Anyways, back to the dad situation. I’ve only had this pair of chunky sneakers for a couple weeks and I’ve already paired them with so many different outfits. I’m not kidding, they look good with everything. They are their own presence to be honest so my tip : go minimal on accessories and let the shoes be the showstopper. Which is exactly what I did with this look! Stay tuned for a round-up on all the different ways I’ve styled my dad sneaks. I NEED more of these types of sneaks, so drop your fave below. AND tell me your favorite item to steal out of your boyfriend’s closet. Go!


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